I am trying to follow !tenforward@lemmy.world from my self hosted instance. When I search for it on my instance (with the “All” tab selected) I get no results found. When I go to the community https://lemmy.world/c/tenforward, click subscribe, enter my instance name, I’m redirected back to my instance, but there’s a “Cannot fetch !tenforward@lemmy.world” error in the UI, and in my server logs I see this:

     The webfinger object did not contain any link to an activitypub item
    0: lemmy_apub::fetcher::search::search_query_to_object_id
              at crates/apub/src/fetcher/search.rs:19
    1: lemmy_apub::api::resolve_object::resolve_object
            with data=Query(ResolveObject { q: "!tenforward@lemmy.world" }) local_user_view=Some(REDACTED)
              at crates/apub/src/api/resolve_object.rs:19
    2: lemmy_server::root_span_builder::HTTP request
            with http.method=GET http.scheme="https" http.host=REDACTED http.target=/api/v3/resolve_object otel.kind="server" request_id=04b362f0-91fc-401c-bcbe-6a8317e0a768 http.status_code=400 otel.status_code="OK"
              at src/root_span_builder.rs:16```

Server OS:

Ubuntu Jammy


5.15.0-105-generic #115-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 15 09:52:04 UTC 2024 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Browser console errors:

None - Firefox 125.0.2 (64-bit) / Windows

Lemmy Server Version

BE: 0.19.3

Lemmy Instance URL


This is only happening for some communities, for example, subscribing to this community worked fine, and I was able to subscribe to other communities on lemmy.world. (3dprinting@lemmy.world worked fine)

Any ideas why this is happening? Is this on my end?

  • @viking@infosec.pub
    11 month ago

    Several instances are fully choked up with federating content, some have weeks of backlog to overcome. Self hosted personal instances are probably all the way on the bottom of the priority list…

    • @listlessOP
      1 month ago

      Is that backlog per community, or per server? Because I was able to subscribe to other communities from the same server. I’m not an expert on the ActivityPub protocol but I thought information was pulled from my server, not pushed from the remote.

  • @exocrinous@startrek.website
    11 month ago

    Honestly the bug has saved you from having to be exposed to those mods’ habit of banning people for having a disability, so good job bug